Our service

  • IFS customization developement

  • IFS Applications™ implementation

  • Customer support

  • Support for Oracle databases

  • Integration of IFS Applications™ with other information systems

IFS customization development

Alter Systems performs the development of customizations for any IFS Applications’ component. Customizations made by our developers work successfully at our customers' enterprises and some of them even became a part of last versions of IFS Applications™. The list of our services, provided during customization development, include:

  • Development of customization requirements
  • Development of functional specifications and scripts of customization testing
  • Customization programming
  • Customization testing

IFS Applications™ implementation

Implementation of IFS Applications™ system grounds on the original methodology called IFS Implement Method, ensuring the unconditional success of the project. The given methodology relies on five consecutive phases; the result of each phase is a logically finished block of works, being the basis for subsequent works and promoting successful project completion.

Phase 1

Initiate project

Phase 2

Map solution

Phase 3

Establish solution

Phase 4

Implement solution

Phase 5


Phase 1. Initiate project

The given phase is the basis for successful project implementation, during which project goals and tasks are set, a project team is defined and methods of project control are specified. Documents prepared during the given phase will help to measure and register the actual progress of the project, as well as to estimate the influence of changes in subsequent phases.

  • Result:
  • Objectives, requirements, and scope of the project are documented and approved
  • The project organizational structure is documented and approved
  • The structure of control over the project performance is documented and approved
  • The project`s master plan and resources allocation are documented and approved
  • The project environment and infrastructure are initiated

Phase 2. Map Solution

During this phase, a Customer`s target model is described using IFS Business Modeler tool. Key specialists of the Customer undergo training as to the work with standard IFS Applications™ functionality. The necessity for project changes (re-engineering) using active scenarios in IFS Applications™ is estimated. Acquisition of information regarding data sources, demands to their migration, interfaces requirements and business-crucial reports is carried out.. The decision as to IFS Applications™ configuration (application of components and functionality) is made up; functional specifications for customizations required are created.

  • Result:
  • The Solution is documented and approved in a form of a Customer`s target business processes model
  • Training for key specialists of the Customer as to the work with IFS Applications™ software set is carried out
  • Requirements to IFS Applications™ are documented and confirmed
  • The plan and data migration strategy are set
  • The future Solution is approved by the Customer
  • The project master plan is reconsidered

Phase 3. Establish solution

The given stage includes the creation of the Customer`s Solution and its testing in the IFS Applications™ system. Adjusted system is then installed into the Customer`s industrial environment; data migration processes are checked automatically and manually; basic data input is performed. Processes and system testing scenarios are developed. Using scenarios, the key users test processes, data, customizations, reports, interfaces, user access rights and other system settings. All critical errors identified during testing are eliminated.

After complex testing, the Customer may evaluate the integrated Solution in full. After that the decision as to the readiness of the application Solution for implementation is made.

  • Result:
  • The Solution is configured; customizations are prepared for application Solution testing
  • Users` documents are prepared
  • Testing plans are prepared
  • Completion of Solution testing by key users
  • The project master plan is reconsidered

Phase 4. Implement solution

At this stage end users undergo training as to the use of the prepared Solution and then carry out the final Solution testing, during which identified problems are eliminated.

  • Result:
  • Training for end users is carried out
  • Final testing is performed, all critical issues are eliminated
  • The migration plan is prepared
  • The project master plan is reconsidered

Phase 5. Go-live

This is the final phase of IFS Implementation, during which preliminaries are made. Their aim is to familiarize end users with the migration plan and approval actions of data migration. End users begin working in the system during the migration process and the Contractor starts providing users support. After the migration the decision as to the project completion is made and the Solution is further transferred to the Contractor`s technical support.

  • Result:
  • Migration is successfully completed
  • The Solution functions according to the agreement with the Customer
  • The user support plan is agreed
  • The project is performed and closed

Customer support

We have our own Customer Support Department providing support services for our customers in Ukraine and other countries. The working schedule of the operators is discussed individually with each customer, but we are ready to provide 24/7 support. IFS Customer support services include the following:

  • Verbal hotline consultations
  • E-mail and chat consultations
  • Correction of user errors
  • Administrating of user permission in the system

Support for Oracle databases

Alter Systems delivers services of Oracle databases administration and support for most of our customers in Ukraine. Our experience in this field from now on is available for all IFS offices and partners. We are ready to provide the following:

  • Installation and initial configuration of the Oracle database
  • Configuring data backup procedures
  • Installing updates for Oracle database
  • Database recovery in case of failure
  • Online monitoring of the Oracle database and resolution of emergency situations

Integration of IFS Applications™ with other information systems

In the process of ERP system implementation, it is necessary to create a single corporate informational system for the customers, who might already have various business software like CRM, PDM, financial system, etc. Our team provides seamless integration of IFS Applications™ and business solutions already existing at a customer`s enterprise without interruption of operational processes. Apart from that Alter Systems performs integration of IFS Applications™ solution with any hardware controllers which have a computer connection interface.

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